We take great pride in producing the highest quality materials and we support each customer, no matter how much material they purchase. We stand behind our products, and we’re excited to help companies with their innovative products as well. Below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers. If you would like additional technical support for one of our materials, please feel free to contact us. We normally respond within 24 hours.


What do MemPro nanofiber materials look like?

When our materials are fully calcined (heat treated), the appearance will vary between products. Aluminum oxide and silicon dioxide have a bright white sheet or flake appearance, but sheets can be broken apart with a light bending force. Titanium dioxide has a yellowish tint, but is more brittle than alumina and silica. Similarly, zinc oxide is quite brittle, and almost forms a powder when a force is applied. For the sheet materials, we typically break them apart to fit in our shipping containers.

How much space do your materials take up?

The amount of space taken up by each of the materials varies, but generally speaking, a gram of our material will fit in containers approximately 300 mL 0r less. Much of the space is taken up by air since there is a significant amount of air within the fiber matrices.

What will I receive with the order?

In addition to the ordered materials, we send a sample analysis sheet for each product, material data safety sheets, an invoice, and contact information in a digital format.

What is the quality of MemPro’s materials?

We produce the highest quality nanofibers commercially available. Our manufacturing process allows us to control the diameters and consistency of the fibers. When we talk about quality, we’re referring to tightly distributed fiber diameters, typically in the 80-150 nm range. Furthermore, we can control the amount of catalyst loading in our catalyzed nanofiber products, so that rare earth metals can be used efficiently.

Why is quality important?

Our customers demand high quality nanofibers because they are looking for an advanced materials that are consistent in their beneficial characteristics. For example, our materials can be nearly invisible to the naked eye when mixed into a clear substrate. This is a highly desirable benefit for optical applications since the new compound retains its opacity while enhancing electrical, insulative, or conductive characteristic.

How do I disperse MemPro’s nanofiber materials?

The best method for dispersion depends on the final application and desired benefits. Our products can be easily dispersed into a liquid or aqueous solution and used for coatings. They can also be dispersed and mixed into a substrate (to enhance the properties of the substrate, for example). MemPro helps its customers through these steps to uniformly disperse nanofiber.

Who makes these materials, and how are they produced?

All of the materials sold on our website are made by MemPro Ceramics from our proprietary manufacturing equipment. We produce specialized materials, and we do not disclose our manufacturing process.

What are the benefits of nanofibers?

Our inorganic nanofibers have excellent thermal, electrical, optical, strengthening, and protecting characteristics. The surface-area-to-mass ratio is very important as well, since we’re able to utilize high value materials very efficiently. Our customers see this as a value added to their products, as well as a tool for building new, innovative products. Please see our material benefits page for more information.

Which industries can benefit from nanofiber materials?

We can produce nanofibers for nearly any application. Since we can produce a broad range of inorganic fibers with or without the incorporation of rare earths and catalysts, there is no limit to the use of our materials. Applications that require materials with high surface-area-to-mass ratios, electrical and thermal conductivity and/or insulation, protection, and strength. Still not sure that our inorganic nanofibers are right for your application? Put us to the challenge.

Who do I talk to about a new product?

We encourage you to contact us by phone or by email to discuss new product concepts and ideas. If you already have an existing material that you would like us to test in our manufacturing process, we would like to talk to you. We consider every product or application concept with confidentiality at the discretion of the customer.

How can we test a small amount of your product?

We sell our products by the gram and we have no minimum order amount. Because we produce the highest quality nanofiber materials on the market, we are confident that even a one gram order will turn into a long term customer. We support each and every customer, no matter how big or small their order is.

What types of catalysts can be added to your products?

We have added several types of catalysts to our base materials. Platinum, palladium, and rhodium are commonly used in the automotive and catalyst markets, so they have been successfully tested in different applications. We are currently working on additional catalyst products, and we are confident that we can deliver just about any catalyst on our nanofiber supports.

Do you accept international orders?

Yes, we accept international orders. Please contact Customer Service for additional information.

What is the cost of shipping?

Shipping varies by location and amount of product ordered. We charge retail shipping rates within the United States. Please contact us for special shipping arrangements or international orders.

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