Ceria Zirconia Mixed Metal Oxide

Ce1-xZrxO2 ceria zirconia, cerium zirconium, CZ

Ceria zirconia is an intriguing material due to its oxygen storage capability.

Ceria zirconia oxide (Ce1-xZrxO2) is a mixed metal oxide with both cerium and zirconium incorporated into the crystal lattice. Zirconia is combined into CeO2 to increase the thermal stability of the mixed oxide material. Mixed ceria oxides have the unique property of being able to “store” oxygen in vacancies present in the lattice structure of the metal oxide. This fact is exploited in the treatment of motor vehicle exhaust such that ceria zirconia oxides can store oxygen during lean burn conditions and release oxygen during rich-burn conditions. The amount of zirconia doped into ceria oxide is dependent on targeted operating temperatures and required oxygen storage capacity. Typical stoichiometric amounts of ceria and zirconia are targeted between Ce0.6Zr0.4O2 to Ce0.8Zr0.2O2 depending on the application requirements. MemPro can manufacture fibers to any specified ratio of ceria to zirconia. Typically, MemPro’s ceria zirconia oxide nanofibers are provided at ratio of Ce0.67Zr0.33O2, which is optimal for usage in catalytic convertors.

In addition to their use as an advanced catalyst support, mixed ceria zirconia oxides can be used in hot gas desulfurization (H2S sequestering) and in fuel cell development where gadolinium can be doped into the mixed oxide nanofiber for electrolyte enhancement. Ceria zirconia oxides exhibit high fracture durability, exceptional oxygen storage/release capability and as stated previously, are commonly used as a catalyst or as a catalyst carrier.

Mixed ceria zirconia oxide nanofibers are supplied as a white crystalline substance with narrow fiber diameter distributions (ave. 100 – 200 nm). This material is also available with palladium, platinum, or rhodium incorporated into the fiber structure as a dual functionalized catalyst material.

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Characteristic Value
Appearance white, flake, fibrous, hygroscopic
Structure crystalline (tetragonal)
Density 6.2 gcm-3
Melting Point >2,000°C
Thermal Conductivity NA
Electrical Conductivity NA
Dielectric Strength NA
Hardness NA
Fiber diameter 100 – 200 nm (ave.)
Fiber length >5 µm
Refractive Index NA
Catalyst Support Yes
Other high fracture toughness, catalytically active, high oxygen storage capacity

Ceria zirconia nanofibers can be used in a wide variety of applications including but not limited to:

  • catalyst carrier composites
  • treatment of combustion gas sources
  • coal-fired power generation emission treatment
  • coal gasification emission abatement
  • hot gas desulfurization

For more information on our ceria zirconia nanofibers, please view the material data safety sheets and specification sheets in PDF format.
ceria zirconia nanofibers – MSDS

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