Aluminum Oxide Nanofiber Materials

Al2O3, aluminum oxide, alumina

A valuable material for its refractory, insulating, and chemical resistance properties, aluminum oxide is also an excellent catalyst support.

Aluminum oxide (Al2O3), or more commonly referred to as alumina, is available in various crystalline structures depending on the operational conditions in which it is formed or available in an amorphous state. Alumina is a hard durable material that can be used as an abrasive, is a good electrical insulator (dielectric), has relatively high thermal conductivity, can be used as a catalyst or as a catalyst carrier, is chemically inert, and exhibits good thermal stability. MemPro’s aluminum oxide nanofibers are manufactured with a proprietary process that produces consistent fiber diameter distributions (ave. 90 – 120 nm).

Characteristic Value
Appearance white, flake, fibrous, hygroscopic
Structure amorphous or crystalline (gamma or alpha)
Density 4 gcm-3
Surface area 150 – 200 m2g-1
Melting Point 2,072°C
Thermal Conductivity 30 Wm-1K-1
Electrical Conductivity < 10-14 Sm-1
Dielectric Strength 13.4 MVm-1
Hardness 9 (Mohs)
Fiber diameter 90 – 120 nm (ave.)
Fiber length >5 µm
Refractive Index 1.74926 (λ=1.36 µm)
Catalyst Support Yes
Other high chemical resistance, catalytically active, insoluble in water

Aluminum oxide nanofibers can be used in a wide variety of applications including but not limited to:

  • advanced ceramic composites
  • strengthening of materials
  • optical displays
  • high-temperature filtration
  • electrical components
  • catalyst support structures
  • fillers for plastics
  • catalyst in the Claus process for waste gas treatment in refineries
  • superconducting devices
  • insulation
  • fire retardant
  • manufacturing of zeolites

For more information on our aluminum oxide nanofibers, please view the material data safety sheets and specification sheets in PDF format.
Aluminum oxide nanofibers – MSDS

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