PreciseFiber™ Manufacturing Process

MemPro Materials uses a proven method to produce the highest quality nanofiber materials on the market, while maximizing reproducibility for large-scale applications and products. Our manufacturing processes vary from one material to the next, but our core competencies are electrospinning and chemistry. MemPro’s materials can be custom made to fit nearly any surface area requirement or chemical composition.

Electrospinning has been around since the early 1900s and has been widely used in university laboratories as a method to produce small amounts of nanofibers for experimentation in a variety of applications including mechanical, chemical, electrical, catalytic and biomedical uses. In 2011 MemPro introduced the PreciseFiber manufacturing process, which is an extension of laboratory electrospinning, taken to production scalability.

The primary benefit of nanofibers is high surface area. Nanofibers with consistent diameters—from one fiber to the next—have highly predictable surface area. Our PreciseFiber manufacturing process results in consistent-diameter fibers and high predictability of surface area.


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