MemPro has developed a manufacturing process to make high quality nanofiber materials. This innovation is the culmination of over 15 years of development in collaboration with multiple industrial and academic partners. Our focus on new materials has been, and continues to be, driven by customer and market demand. MemPro’s products provide innovation within many areas, including enhanced performance, reduced material costs, and product enhancements.


We supply the highest quality nanofiber materials available on the market. Our proprietary manufacturing system is able to accurately control the physical and chemical properties of our materials. To us, quality means narrowly distributed fiber diameters and evenly dispersed functionalities. Major companies around the world are seeking MemPro’s materials to meet their demanding specifications for performance.

Our materials are unique in that they can be dispersed, used for coatings, mixed back into substrates, or sandwiched between layers of a substrate. When an innovative company is looking for a material with multiple benefits, we can find a way to integrate our materials in new and existing products.

Costly commodities

With precious metals, rare earths and other costly commodities MemPro’s innovation is providing customers a way to do more with less and ultimately be more efficient with high value materials. We developed the PreciseFiber process to efficiently utilize rare earths.


The enormous surface area of nanofiber materials provides an optimal contact between the nanofiber and the medium in which it exists. The PreciseFiber process is suited for the addition of functionalities to the fiber surface or within the fiber matrix. MemPro is dedicated to developing this aspect to suit various specific needs of customers.

Material format

We deliver materials in various physical formats dependent on customer usage. Our production and post-production processing allows us to tailor the physical and chemical properties of the nanofiber materials, along with the physical state in which the material is supplied to customers. For example, nanofiber materials can be supplied as flat sheets, dry powder, flake form, or dispersed in liquid solutions. In addition, nanofibers can be supplied as a polymer ceramic precursor composite, or as a high purity ceramic.


The PreciseFiber process allows us to assist customers with highly innovative ideas such as flame retardancy, battery enhancements, fuel cell operations, medical treatments and devices, improvements in solar energy, production of synfuels, inclusion into thin film displays, novel coatings, improved sensors, functional inks and pigments, and filtration of gases or liquids.


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