MemPro is a private company focused on commercialization of nanofiber products. With a unique and proprietary production process, MemPro teams with customers to understand needs and create new products. As the global supplier of nanofiber materials, MemPro serves many markets including: Aerospace Components, Automotive Systems, Biomedical Devices, Catalyst Usage, Chemical Production, Defense Products, Electronic Devices, Energy Storage, Fuel Cells, Pharmaceutical Production, Polymer Production and Precious Metals & Rare Earth Usage. As the leading producer, we encourage the use of nanofibers in many products. We start by collaborating with potential customers to develop cost-saving or revenue-enhancing products. In the prototype stage we receive feedback from customers to dictate product design. Ours goals are to make the very best nanofiber materials and provide customers with products that lower costs, improve efficiency and protect the environment.

Our business

MemPro is the leading producer of functionalized nanofiber materials. We are a resource to our customers so they can benefit from the advantages of our materials. We named our production process PreciseFiber™ to project the fact that our materials are precisely what our customers want.


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