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  • Catalysts
    We have a number of catalyst products for environmental and reactive applications.
  • LEDs and OLEDs
    Our inorganic fibers provide unique properties ideal for LED applications.
  • Flexible technology
    All of the benefits of ceramics in a flexible and reliable form.
  • Alternative Energy
    Reflective, insulating, absorbent, and conductive materials for various applications including fuel cells, batteries, and solar.

Ceramic Nanofiber Materials

From Alumina to Zinc, our specialty is producing the highest quality metal oxide nanofibers.

Polymers & Other Materials

MemPro offers a truly unique approach to supplying high quality polymer nanofibers for any industry.

Catalysts and Added Functionalities

Functionalization of ceramics and polymers can add substantial benefits and cost savings.

Request New Nanofiber Materials

Our proprietary process produces the highest quality nanofiber materials. Request a material here.