MemPro manufactures ceramic nanofibers, polymeric nanofibers and catalyst products. We continually work with customers to develop and supply new materials for innovative technologies. MemPro produces the highest quality materials backed by unrivaled knowhow.

Customized & Functionlized

We provide highly effective surface area in every inorganic, polymeric, and catalytic material we manufacture. Our goal is to boost performance or reduce costs of customers’ products and processes. Our customized materials address the needs for specific performance. Customizations can include specific diameters, fiber lengths, compositionsadditives, and dispersions.

High Quality & Consistency

Our manufacturing systems allow us to produce large and functional surface areas on polymeric and ceramic nanofibers while maintaining quality and consistency. We can extend your lab research efforts and efficiently provide standard and new nanofiber materials for concept trials, validation, product development and scale-up. We are able to produce combinations of polymers and mixed metal oxides for any scale-driven industry.

Dedication to Customers

We take the same approach with customers that have been using MemPro’s materials for years, as we do for companies starting to integrate our nanofibers into their processes. Our goal is to continually develop new chemical compositions and nanofiber products based on the needs of the innovative companies we meet. Start a conversation with us today and see the unlimited possibilities.

PreciseFiber Manufacturing Process

Electrospinning has been around since the early 1900s and has been widely used in university laboratories as a method to produce small amounts of nanofibers for experimentation in a variety of applications including mechanical, chemical, electrical, catalytic and biomedical uses. In 2011 MemPro introduced the PreciseFiber manufacturing process, which is an extension of laboratory electrospinning, taken to production scalability.

The primary benefit of nanofibers is high surface area. Nanofibers with consistent diameters—from one fiber to the next—have highly predictable surface area. Our PreciseFiber manufacturing process results in consistent-diameter fibers and high predictability of surface area.


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